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Colorado School IPM
Sixteen school districts, serving 58% of the students in Colorado public schools, participate in IPM.

Pharaoh Ant   arrow

Pharaoh Ant – Monomorium pharaonis


  • golden yellow to red with darker markings down the back
  • 1/12 inch in size

Nesting Habits

  • wide variety of secluded places in cracks and crevices (countertops, baseboards, wall voids, under floors)
  • prefer a warm and humid environment (e.g. near furnances, hot water pipes and heat ducts)
  • more likely to nest indoors than other ants


  • syrups, jellies, grease, cake, pet food, dead insects, toothpaste, soap and several other things most insects would not touch


  • contaminate sweets and greases
  • serious pest of dormitories, hospitals, schools, and apartments

IPM Recommendations:

  • Control may be hard because nests can be difficult to find and there may be multiple nesting sites in the building.
  • Use a bait specific to the pharaoh ant.