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Colorado School IPM
Sixteen school districts, serving 58% of the students in Colorado public schools, participate in IPM.

Pavement Ant   arrow

Pavement Ant
cluster of pavement ants

Pavement Ant – Tetramorium caespitum


  • light to dark brown in color with fine grooves lining the head
  • appendages (legs and antennae) lighter in color than the rest of the bod

Nesting Habits

  • characteristically produce small mounds at the entry of nests
  • nests often located outdoors under stones, pavement, wood, next to buildings and under building foundations
  • enter homes through cracks in concrete, and nest in walls, under floors and around sinks


  • prefer greasy materials such as meats, pet food, sweets, bread, nuts and insects


  • contaminate sweets (sugar, fruits, syrups, etc.) and greasy foods

IPM Recommendations:

  • Locate and destroy nests.
  • Store food in airtight containers, and dispose of trash regularly.
  • Seal potential ant entryways.

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